Assedium Pastry Gluten Free

Assedium is born with the ideal of revealing an authentic Piedmont spirit for pastry and chocolate in a modern key.

Excellent raw materials are treated with craftsmanship mastery and enclosed in premium and contemporary packaging to create a special atmosphere when gifted and tasted.

Traditional recipes and a new experience, selected small producers and an international online boutique, Piedmont rooted heritage and contemporaneous metropolitan lovers: all of these is Assedium.


ASSEDIUM nasce con l’idea di rivelare l’autentico estro piemontese per la pasticceria ed il cioccolato in chiave moderna.

Eccellenti materie prime sono trattate con maestria artigianale in ricette autentiche, confezionate poi in un packaging moderno e contemporaneo per creare atmosfere speciali quando assaggiate o regalate.


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